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Where are you on the design scale right now?

  • A plan that needs minor changes?
  • Do you have just an idea?
  • Home made sketches on a napkin?
  • Self drawn detailed notes?
  • A number of plan ideas that you want to blend and adapt from
  • Maybe all you have is feeling or a concept that you can’t yet quite describe!
  • Other? Just the goal of wanting to make your new home perfect for YOU?

Whatever your reason YOU are perfect for US!

Our Custom Home Design teams have drawn home plans for thousands of clients across the nation! Some had detailed drawings for us to begin working from, a few have had no more than an emotion – our favorite sent us a photo of a flower and simply said “I want a home that makes me feel the way this flower makes me feel!” 

It took a few months but we did it! 

So regardless of where you are in the plan process contact us today. The first consultation call is free!  The process is a fun and relatively easy thing to do so don’t delay and PLEASE do no settle for anything but what is perfectly YOU! 


From the date we receive your inspiration media (notes, sketches, pictures, etc.), we will design your custom floor plan. Once you receive the first draft of your custom home, you will review the documents and make notes and changes to let your designer know how to adjust the plans. This process continues until your custom home plans are complete.

Average Turnaround Times

  • FIRST DRAFT: 5-7 business days
  • REVISIONS: 3-7 business days
  • REDRAWS: 5-7 business days

Retail Price

  • $2.00 square foot
  • $1.00 square foot – UBuildIt Clients
  • Square Footage is based on Total square footage under roof which includes ALL conditioned space, covered porches, garage(s), finished and unfinished ‘bonus’ footage, finished and unfinished basement footage. It does not include attic space, driveways, or patios etc.
  • $3,000 Minimum Design Fee

*(may vary based on workload, scope, and scale of project. Retail and Discounted prices, neither includes additional optional upgrades.)

Our Basic Design Package includes up to 10 revisions free of charge and one redraw if necessary. Several changes can be made in each revision submitted to our design team. Revisions after approval will be extra.

*Package includes up to 2 full plan drawings (original & one redraw) & up to 10 revisions per plan drawing!

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